How to stop being self-employed in Ireland

If you are no longer self-employed you need to inform Revenue as soon as possible. The best way to do this is through If you don’t have access to ROS you can complete a TRCN1 available on the Revenue’s website. The process on how to complete on ROS is below along with screen shots of the ROS website.

Finally, if you have registered a business name with the CRO this will need to be cancelled. This can be done online through or by completing a form listed in the link above.

Please ensure you complete your last income tax return and VAT returns after you deregister.

ROS Website

After you login to ROS go to the “Other Services” section and click on “Manage Tax Registrations”. 

From the next screen you need to click on “Cease Registration” for Income tax and complete the form on the next page.

Also,if you are registered for VAT you will need to deregister. Simply click on deregister next to VAT and complete the form.

Do I need an accountant to stop being self-employed in Ireland?

You do not need an accountant to complete the deregistration process. Please note because your business is no longer a going concern how certain items are accounted for is different. For example, capital allowances are treated differently in an operating business v a business which has ceased trading. 

If you only have income and expenses then this is not an issue. If you have assets on your balance sheet and you are not sure how to account for these you should speak to an accountant. 


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