€3,000 in funding available for employers who hire apprentices

The Irish Government has launched a new apprentice scheme for employers. They are providing €3,000 in financial support to those employers who take on apprentices. 

The government is trying to grow the number of apprentices in Ireland which currently stands at 18,000, across a wide range of occupations from electrical, construction and engineering roles to healthcare, information technology and financial services. 

Simon Harris said “It’s a win-win – help develop an apprentice’s potential while you develop your company.”

Employers are entitled to the funding if they have registered a new apprentice from March until the end of the year. They will receive €2,000 up front and €1,000 in 12 months time.

For further information on the scheme please visit: http://www.apprenticeship.ie/en/employers/Pages/EmployerInfo.aspx




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