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From the 5th of October all websites operating in Ireland must comply with the relevant cookie policy laws and regulations in Ireland. Six months prior the Data Protection Commission (DPC) had given businesses notice of enforcement existing regulations. 

The first regulations which existed under the privacy legislation in 2011, Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

Later this was updated in 2018 under GDPR. GDPR clearly states that people must give their consent for websites to use cookies.  A recent survey by the DPC had found most businesses were not compliant with this law. (source)

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files stored on your computer which allow websites to do several things such as track users, remember user information and preferences and track user behaviour. Cookies can be controlled by the owner of the website or by third parties. 

For example, an owner of a website can install a facebook pixel. This allows the owner of the website to add you to an audience of people they advertise to. If you visit a website which sells garden furniture, the next time you log into facebook you could see advertisements for garden furniture for the same website.

What are the implications for my business?

This means that all visitors to your website must give their consent to you using cookies. When they arrive on your website they must actively click on “Accept” in order for you to use cookies.

If you have a wordpress website there is a simple solution. There is a free GDPR Cookies Consent plugin which you can install. This will prompt the user to accept your cookie policy when they arrive on your website.

If you don’t have a cookie policy we have written a free template you can use for your website. Please make sure you credit


Additional Information

If you would like more detailed information on the issue then you can read the guidance set out by the DPC.

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